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Event Horizon is proud to have undertaken a wide variety of defence related projects. From one off prototyping of specialist equipment to de-commissioning of explosive ordnance, we are capable and confident in delivering the high standards required by the defence industry.
Our engineering department provides the complete care package. From design to fully tested and approved field ready products, we offer constant support and assistance. Completed contracts have included method of entry devices and explosive initiation tools. Lacking the often frustrating bureaucracy of larger companies we provide an independent, specialist service to take initial designs through to working prototypes within a minimum time frame.
We are licensed to work with section 5 items and are able to undertake a diverse range of projects from modifying existing systems to conducting ballistic tests with specialist ammunition. Our engineering expertise gives us the unique ability to design, build and implement specialist equipment for the defence industry with minimum turn around time. We have recently been awarded a 'BAE Systems Chairman's Award' in the category of Innovation for our decommissioning work at BAE Land Systems Bridgwater.

We offer demilitarisation and disposal services using our licensed factory site which includes an underwater facility, surface range and burning area. Our high capacity magazines ensure we are able to complete projects where large numbers of units are involved.
Engineering expertise enables us to employ multiple technologies within the necessary processes, as well as the option to design and implement new ones if so required. Where possible every effort will be made to recover and recycle materials into the civilian market, ensuring minimal wastage. Our unique position and extensive capabilities enable:
Planning and application for appropriate shipping, import/export, and hazardous waste documents.
Planning and delivery of total logistic solutions.
Access to appropriate equipment and processes, or development of new ones where required.
Safe, economical and environmentally friendly demil of large numbers of products.
The option of repackaging, recovering or recycling both energetics and other construction materials.
Provision of certification of disposal from the appropriate authorities.
The knowledge that we remain fully accountable throughout the process for all aspects of the operation.

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