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Event Horizon can offer the complete engineering package. Working closely with the client at each step of the production process enables us to supply a final product that delivers with immediate effect. Starting with CAD and finite element simulations, initial designs are carried through to our versatile workshops for fabrication and testing.

Alongside welding and fabrication we are able to produce rapid prototypes in-house using our CNC mill and lathe. This has allowed us to create bespoke explosive charge casings, large scale engineering projects and precise control systems. Our specialisations include design of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems and software.  

Recent projects include:

• DMAC - a large scale marine component testing rig using precision hydraulic motion control
• 6 axis motion control platform with a 5 ton capacity
• High pressure pneumatic in line high speed release valves
• High velocity pneumatic impact test system
• Prototype High Volume Fluid Hammer Pump
• Precison CNC controlled hydraulic presses
• Special effects equipment for the film industry such as wind machines and electronic firing systems
• Refurbishment and fabrication of explosive storage to HELA regs

6 Axis GimbalPneumatic impact test system Loadcell on hydraulic test rigDMAC testing rig

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