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Precision Energetics | High speed analysis

Data Acquisition
Event Horizon owns and operates a large and varied range of high speed data acquisition hardware, most of which is manufactured by National Instruments. Using in-house expertise, this can be applied to a wide range of tasks, including autonomous and semi-autonomous operations. The company has published several papers in the field of blast analysis.

High Speed Camera
Event Horizon owns high specification high speed cameras. The camera is capable of shooting in HD resolution at up to 2000fps, reaching rates in excess of 400000fps at reduced resolutions. The camera can be linked with our data acquisition equipment to perform synchronous data logging.

We have an ever expanding collection of sensors for use with our data acquisition systems. These currently include the following.
• A range of overpressure meters suitable for measuring blast wave pressure in the near,mid and far field
• An equally versatile range of hydrophones for use underwater
• Geophones and accelerometers for measuring vibration
• Velocity of detonation probes

High speed footage of bottle being shotHigh speed footage semi auto shotgun firingHigh speed footage water disruptor vs caseHigh speed footage Wall breaching system projectile hitting van
High speed footage of dust explosionHigh speed footage water disruptor vs metal bafflesHigh speed footage bullet fired into waterHigh speed footage military vehicle exploding
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