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Event Horizon operates an HSE licensed factory site which enables us to manufacture and implement bespoke explosive products and devices where conventional methods are not a viable option.

Renowned for our versatility, we have been employed to provide a diverse range of solutions to individual requirements. From large scale demolition to low impact, high precision marine work we can provide the expertise to ensure safe completion.
Many contracts have involved precision engineering within high-risk environments. We can produce one-off charges with a fast turn around, ranging from miniature charges for jet engine blade release to shaped charges for cutting a 720mm prop-shaft.

We also produce a number of standard user-filled shaped charges including the 'Weever' and 'Barracuda' EOD tools for underwater deployment at depths of up to 300 m. The standard range includes charges of 50mm, 88mm, and 115mm diameter. The Barracuda has recently seen successful deployment against WW2 sea mines by Bactec Ltd.

Event Horizon’s clients have included:

• Air Bus • Alstom Power • Bactec • BAE Systems • Eurodemolition • Large North American Turbine Manufacturer • ITP • Law Enforcement Agencies • Quest Underwater Services • Rolls Royce • Royal Air Force • SMIT Salvage • Texaco • US Department of Homeland Security

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