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Event Horizon has designed, tested, manufactured and successfully deployed a large number of specialised explosive charges in the marine environment. We have also developed marine environmental monitoring systems for blast data aquisition.

A complete package is offered from charge design, through to manufacture and deployment. Members of our team are trained as JNCC marine mammal observers and hold required offshore certification to oversee and conduct operations at sea. Previous operations have seen charge deployment for propeller shaft severing, mine clearance in the Baltic sea and demolition of various fixed structures.

We have custom designed and built marine blast monitoring equipment and software to evaluate the impact of explosives on the marine environment. The collected data can be used to asses the impact of the work on nearby structures and marine fauna. This provides the client with a valuable resource of information and is often a requirement when conducting explosive work at sea.

Our client list includes:

• Smit (Salvage work on the MSC Napoli)
• Geo (Underwater debris removal)
• Fugro Seacore (Underwater cutting operations)
• Bactec International (Underwater Mine clearance)

ROV entering waterROV footage of sea mineROV footage of charge lowered onto pipeBlast monitor buoy

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