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Our course is intended to educate Special Effects (SFX) personnel in the safe use of explosives in the SFX industry. It provides training to a level appropriate for a sufficiently experienced Trainee (Pyrotechnic SFX) to apply for an upgrade to Technician (Pyrotechnic SFX) through the Joint Industry Grading Scheme (JIGS). The Course is taught by Malcolm Ingry FIExpE, who is a veteran of many films including Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Tomb Raider,The World is not Enough, Die Another Day and Johnny English.

Course Objectives: To train sfx personnel in accordance with the Regulations in the Approved Code of Practice. To introduce new products, techniques and ideas now available. To examine environmental aspects of the 'effect' in order to reduce disturbance.

Course Syllabus:
Historical development of explosives
Explosives characteristics
Explosives types
Firing accessories
Initiation methods

Special effects planning
Risk assessment
Practical training
Security and storage
Transport of explosives
Environmental disturbance

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BECTU accredited course

The above topics are supported by paper exercises on the practical aspects of special effects. An examination will be held at the end of the course. If you pass, you will be issued with a 'Special Effects Explosives Safety Course - Part 1' certificate.
If you are interested in attending, please read the course prospectus by clicking here. If you wish to attend, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted about upcoming courses. Once you have confirmed dates with us, please download and complete the booking form and prohibited person form.
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