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Disposal and De-mill

Event Horizon offer specialist facilities for the demilitarisation and disposal of conventional MOD munitions, including obsolete and end of life ammunition. Our licensed factory site in SW England includes an underwater facility, open surface range and caged burning area and storage. Further demil operations are operated out of our Cornwall underground facility. Our strong investment in research and development enables the continuous development of technologies to improve the demil equipment and processes for new explosive natures. Where possible every effort is made to recover and recycle materials into the civilian market, ensuring minimal wastage.

Event Horizon is a registered firearms dealer. RFD: 52/3181.

Our unique position and extensive capabilities enable:
• Storage for a large number of units.
• Specialist equipment and processes for a disposal of a large range of natures.
• Development of bespoke processes for new natures when required.
• Planning and application for appropriate shipping, import/export, and   hazardous waste documents.
• Extensive salvage, recycling and recovery of raw materials and packaging
• Safe, economical and environmentally friendly demil of large numbers of natures and raw materials.
• Provision of certification of disposal from the appropriate authorities.
• Fully ownership for all aspects of the demil operation from start to completion.
• Diagnostic support equipment for off-shore demil operations.

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