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Spread over three sites in the South West of England, Event Horizon has a wide range of facilities to undertake complex explosive testing, munition disposal and explosive storage.

• 3 storage sites • Burning ground • 3 test sites, including underground
• Explosive test and trial area • Factory site • Laboratory • Impact testing range.

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Cheddar Facilities PDF
Holmans Test Mine Facilities PDF

Underground facility

Holmans Test Mine 

Assuming stewardship in 2017 of the historic Holmans Test Mine in Cornwall we have access to a unique underground testing facility.
Over 1 mile of flat underground tunnels LED lit along the main access points.
Fully confined test chambers.
Forced Air ventilation.
HSE Licensed Storage.

Explosive storage magazine


We have ample storage for all hazard types at our main magazine site and also limited storage at our other locations. 

Process building

Factory sites

A HSE Licensed factory facility permits the manufacture, storage, breakdown and assembly of munitions and explosives. A small-scale explosive manufacture facility is available for prototyping explosive compositions.
We have at our disposal:
A range of material mixers to cover a range of material manufacture scales.
Selection of presses for manufacture, 6 Tonne, 30 Tonne inert Hydraulic Press, and remotely operated 10 Tonne, 180 Tonne explosive rated hydraulic press



Laboratory facilities house a range of chemical analysis equipment. Our facilities allow us to undertake explosive formulation, analysis and special projects.
The laboratory has equipment to facilitate the following:

• Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) – Agilent 8890 GC & 5977 MS
• Unity XR Thermal Desorption (Markes International)
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) ‐ Mettler Toledo
• UN/EMTAP/STANNAG small scale characterisation tests
• Scanning Electron Microscope with Electron Dispersive Spectrometer
• Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator - Mettler Toledo

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