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Event Horizon provides a range of stunning special effects for film, TV and public events. We are fully licensed to use all explosive materials and types and all our staff are trained in their safe use. We can create anything from massive explosions on the battlefield, to intimate bullet hits on actors bodies, vehicle pyrotechnics to simulated building demolitions. Whatever your need, we can supply a low cost, high impact solution in total safety.
Our experience within the film industry has led us to create fantastic 'real for real' effects for both movie and stills use. We can design effects for specific tasks, or for use in post-production stock libraries. Each effect is planned with the maximum input of the production team, ensuring the end result is as dramatic and realistic as possible. We are a BBC approved supplier. Our experience of the entertainment industry has enabled us to produce thrilling live effects with pinpoint timing for public events such as air shows and battle re-enactments.

Film:1408 28 Weeks Later 47 Ronin Alex rider: Stormbreaker All You Need is Kill • Batman: The Dark Knight Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Body of Lies Bond: Casino Royale Bond: Quantum of Solace Bond: Skyfall • Captain America: The first Avenger Children of Men Clash of the Titans 1& 2 Fast and Furious 6 • Viz: Fat Slags Flyboys Gravity Gulliver's Travels Hannibal Rising Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II Inception Inkheart Jack The Giant Killer Johnny English: Reborn Malificent • Mamma Mia Mirrors National treasure 2 Red 2 • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Snow White and the Huntsman Stardust Sunshine The Wolfman Thor: The Dark World • Warhorse World War Z

Television and Commercial: 5th Gear Adam Hart-Davis: What the Chinese did for us Ancient Weapons Blitz Street Brainiacs Coronation Street Doctor Who Downton Abbey Heartbeat James May's Man Lab Mark Williams Big Bangs Midsomer Murders Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Seconds From Disaster: Mumbai Sony Bravia Advert (paint) Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters Top Gear Torchwood Vera World War II: The Last Heroes

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